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Lighthouse Hill Ranch is situated in the beautiful Texas Hill Country on over 2,001 acres.  It's your own private park to enjoy.  We have 10 homes/suites available as vacation rentals, of which one of the homes is the Lighthouse pictured here.  In addition to individual rentals, we also host weddings, reunions, corporate retreats and other events.

You can also visit the Arc de Texas Wine & Views.  This unique structure (with indoor/outdoor seating) provides 50 mile views (including a top floor terrace that towers over the countryside) and top quality wines/beer from around the world.  It's dog friendly, reasonably priced, and you can bring your own food!

The ranch has numerous springs, an abundance of wildlife/fish, a 6-8 acre clear water lake system along almost 4,000 feet of rock bottomed creek, a creekside hot tub, 2 swimming pools, a waterfall grotto, 8 ponds, several natural waterfalls, and over 50 miles of trails.  Activities include fishing, swimming, tubing, canoeing, riding ATVs, bike riding, hiking, and riding your own horse. 

                                                                           We look forward to having you at Lighthouse Hill Ranch!